Who We Are.....



Hi, my name is Melissa and I'm the founder of Little Annie-Bets. In 2007 I fell pregnant with my first child and welcomed my first little boy Archie. Then in 2008 I fell pregnant again and welcomed another little boy Louis! I love my boys to pieces but I think there’s always something inside a woman that needs that little girl! Dreams came true in 2012 a pleasant surprise came along. She is my Annabelle Betty, or as she is fondly referred to, Little Annie Bets. My family was complete. I had never felt so happy. A wonderful husband along with 3 beautiful, fun loving, delightful (and crazy) children!
I then started to feel a little bit lost. I had been lucky enough to not have to work for the past 6 years but I just started to feel like I needed something for ME. I'm a crafter at heart and a girly girl. I wanted my Annie to have lovely co-ordinated accessories to match her beautiful little outfits and realised I could make them myself. Well, that was it.....Little Annie-Bets was born. It was just as a little hobby at first. But within 6 weeks I was contacted by The Ideal Home Show. They were really interested in my products. As a result I exhibited at their show in Manchester in June 2014! I worked night and day to get ready and had an amazing experience. I met so many lovely people and loved every minute of it. After this experience I decided to push Little Annie-Bets to the next step and enquire about selling my stock in local shops. In November 2014 I first stocked in Hansel & Gretel and soon after Carousel Childrens Wear, soon after this it fast expanded and now I'm stocing in shops all over the country, Northern Ireland, Wales & Ireland. We are currently on 20 plus and its still rising.


I am a Yorkshire girl born and bred. As such, all Little Annie-Bets bows and clips are handmade In Yorkshire by me and my merry band of helpers. This is something I love to say! Our hearts go into making each and every item. All materials are sourced as locally as possible. We are proud to support other local businesses. I love creating new designs and introducing new colours, textures and materials. My head is constantly ticking over with ideas.


In October 2014 I won my first award from Bradford Council for the Bradford Kickstart Achievement Awards 2014! I was nominated by my enterprise coach Rav. I cannot thank him enough for his help along to way. Likewise, my supportive friends and family have kept me going and are now accustomed to watching me make bows while we gossip and drink tea. I have also found some wonderful and loyal customers who make it all worthwhile and I am excited to find many more!


I am on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow me for my new releases, new ideas, competitions and giveaways. If you need any help please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and sending your handmade parcels out to you,

Melissa xxx